Trustworthy Healthcare Documentation and Transcription Services

Accurate Medical Transcription in Las Vegas, Nevada, provides credible healthcare documentation and transcription services. Aside from medical transcriptions, we also work on the following:

  • Video Depositions
  • Business Meeting Transcripts
  • Seminar Documentations
  • Legal Transcriptions

Dictation Options

With Accurate Medical Transcription, you can expect nothing but accurate transcription of your patients' information. You can choose between the Phone-in Digital System and the Digital Handheld Recorder when recording dictations. The first is more popular and recommended, and is done by simply picking up your telephone! The second stores data on a voice card. The voice data would later on be securely uploaded and archived on our FTP server, and then you can download the completed transcription on your computer system for printing or other purposes. Your transcription will stay in our archives for at least one year.

Transcription Rates and Exceptional Customer Care

Your transcriptions cost nine cents per line if dictated through our digital systems, and downloaded to your office site for print-out. To speed up the process and to provide you with unparalleled customer service, the owner of our company, Cora Scott, C.M.T., oversees and answers your calls.

Contact us in Las Vegas, Nevada, for reputable healthcare documentation and accomplished transcription services.